We are a licensed home studio conversion, we have all the same standard procedures and inspections as any high street tattooist - but with a more relaxed and private atmosphere. 

Our address is:

48 Burford

To all you local Telford-ians : that is the street turning almost opposite The Mallard, half way up towards the shops on the left! 


A consultation is an informal meeting between you and your tattoo artist to discuss your ideas for any work you intend to have done, show any designs you may have found and talk about any existing tattoos that need repair/cover work. This is where you will kick-start your tattooing experience with us and give us the tools to begin 'redecorating' your skin! 

You can leave a £20 deposit during this time to confirm an appointment as we will only undergo work that has been booked in advance. 

Bookings made for over 3 hours in one sitting will require a 50% deposit to secure slots. 

Your consultation is free and you are under no obligation to book in immediately, if you need time to think more on your ideas you are free to do so. 

You need to call or message before dropping by for your consultation - someone is always available to chat with you from 11am - 7pm Tuesday through to Saturday.